What’s the Future of VR and AR?

What’s the Future of VR and AR?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the next major frontier for the tech industry, and everyone is going to eventually get on board. I was recently interviewed by Lumus Optical about the future of VR and AR. Below is a snippet, and you can read the rest here.

1. What Excites You The Most About The Future Of This Technology? And What Inspired You To Get Involved?

As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words. But what if you could walk around with that picture and it could interact with you?! It’s mind blowing to think about the different kinds of practical implications that the world of VR and AR will bring and are already starting to show promise. I think we’ll be wearing our next computer, here’s why.

Regarding our involvement, to me it’s like The Wizard of Oz movie. For those that haven’t watched this brilliant piece of work, there is a tornado scene towards the beginning of the film (all films had previously been in black and white) and once the scene settles down, Dorothy is now in the land of Oz – in color! What I love most about the transitional scene is that nobody breaks the 4th wall – there is no mention of it, it just happens. That’s how you know it is wonderful storytelling.

VR/AR needs wonderful storytelling.
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Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl