Creating Infographics for Your Small Business

Creating Infographics for Your Small Business

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Define a topic

Be sure to define a specific topic and don’t try to cram everything into one infographic. There will be future projects.

Choose a new angle

Once your have a great topic in mind make sure you’re not just parroting someone else’s idea. Choose a new angle that’s exciting and engaging.

Pick a topic with staying power

If you choose to do something about a one-time current event, your opportunity to promote will die down right after.

Infographics are a team effort

Ask yourself whether you have the necessary skills to research, design, and promote an infographic. If not, you will need a team.

Don’t lie through statistics

If you can’t find statistics to support your argument it’s better to go back and reframe your argument than to try to force your research to support your hypothesis. Make sure your charts actually represent the data you’re trying to show.

Cite your sources

Nothing dings your credibility quite like taking information from a source and failing to give them credit, or worse not using outside sources at all.

Check your spelling

Many an infographic has fallen flat because the publisher didn’t do a simple read through for grammatical and spelling errors.

Design counts

You can have the best information in the world, researched by a crackerjack team. But if the design is confusing or doesn’t fit the topic no one will read it.

Don’t overbrand

Sure you’re proud of the infographic you’ve created, but don’t go overboard with your branding. Putting your company’s logo right at the top or repeatedly putting it throughout the infographic can make it look too much like an ad and people won’t take the time to read it

Plan for promotion

Even the best infographic needs to be promoted. Have a plan for getting your infographic in front of people by sharing it on social and with your email list.

Troubleshooting and Quality Assurance

Before you publish your infographic, check how it looks across multiple devices and browsers, including mobile.

Consider whether hiring a professional infographic design agency is a better route, especially for essential campaigns.

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