An Ode To MS Paint, Now Saved From The Chopping Block

An Ode To MS Paint, Now Saved From The Chopping Block

If you want to get real technical here, this is not actually an ode. An ode is a poem with ten line stanzas, and I’m more into free form poetry. What this does have in relation to an ode is that I will be singing the praises of MS Paint. Sort of.

When news broke yesterday that the next iteration of Microsoft Windows would be lacking that old standard program known as MS Paint, which had been with us since 1985, the internet erupted in wails of nostalgia. Everyone who grew up before the age of the widely-used Internet knows this used to be the gold standard in time-killing. Well, that and Solitaire.

At Team NowSourcing I have used MS Paint to illustrate the futility of making your own infographics. That’s right, there’s still a practical, real world application for MS Paint.

Sometimes I make silly fake infographics with MS Paint for fun.

That’s why I was able to finally breathe a sigh of relief a few hours ago when word got out that Microsoft isn’t going to do away with MS Paint completely – it will instead be available for free in the App store.

Or, as AV Club put it, “Microsoft now claims Paint isn’t dead, it’s just going to live on a farm.”