How Personal Tragedy Can Help You Gain Focus

How Personal Tragedy Can Help You Gain Focus

This is my story. It’s going to be sad, but I’m telling you because I think it will help.

All too often we get our inspiration from motivational quotes, pictures of coffee, and life hacks.

That’s all well and good, but what will test our mettle when things really get hard?

Personal struggles, perhaps? The human spirit was built to endure so much. But what do you do when the worst happens to someone you love, and it’s completely out of your control?

Surrender. Be vulnerable. Accept help. Break into a million pieces. Put yourself together and never be the same again.

My wife and I couldn’t have children and when we sought help to fix this, our first child together died.

He lived to be a day old. Despite the best of care, (and we’re so thankful for the doctors and nurses), nothing more could be done.

If you can hold your son at his last moments, bury him – most everything else seems trivial.

Allow me to contribute some of my personal story, courtesy of Jeremy Ryan Slate’s Create Your Own Life podcast ->