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Here’s Everything Wrong With Podcasts. And Why I’m Starting One.

Here’s Everything Wrong With Podcasts. And Why I’m Starting One.

Welcome to the Next Action podcast with your host, Brian Wallace.

It seems like everyone has a podcast these days. And after being interviewed in person, on podcasts, videos, phone and every type of online platform imaginable, I think it’s time to share my thoughts on everything wrong with the majority of podcasts.

Problem #1: Podcasts are too long.

Unless it is absolutely incredible, it’s unlikely i’m going to get value from a 45+ minute podcast. Plus it’s inconsiderate – the average USA commute is 25 minutes and you’re making a person listen multiple times to finish an episode. It’s unlikely they will finish and come back.

Solution: Make a shorter podcast.

This podcast will be no longer than 15 minutes. Easy fit for all commutes, coffee breaks and when you need a few moments for focus and inspiration.

Problem #2: Podcast art is terrible.

Bad typography + your not famous headshot + microphone = ?

It’s funny – if you review the top 100 podcasts, you’ll notice most of them are simple and typography only.

Solution: Make better art.

I have an advantage here as I’m the founder of one of the world’s top infographic design agencies.

Problem #3: Podcasts are unfocused and repetitive.

Do you skip through the “tell us your story” 10-20 minute part of a 45 minute podcast? Me too. Plus, if you follow the guests as they go from podcast to podcast, it’s a similar story.

Solution: Make a focused podcast.

Next action will be about intentionality – aka how to significantly advance your career by thinking intentionally instead of being a trendy person just following the crowd.

Problem #4: Podcasts are too often about the podcaster.

Lots of people have started a podcast just to get more exposure out there. If they don’t have a specific hook with intentionality, it may be fun to be on their podcast, but an unlikely candidate for a regular listen for value.

Solution: This podcast is intentionally designed to help you.

Most people think they are choosing between the good and the bad but they actually are choosing between the mediocre and being great. They are often trapped in a loop of following others and aren’t objective enough in their own situation to see how to become great. This podcast will focus on where they are at now and how to perform their next action on a path that will lead to greater intentional steps of success.

Problem #5: Podcasts focus on getting a celebrity on the show. This isn’t a win.

Podcasters think they’ve made it when they get to interview a famous person out there. Reality is that they probably have a media person that sees you have a growing audience and want to push their latest book / product and will give you the minimal amount of value and attention.

Solution: I don’t care if the interviewee is famous or not.

The qualities we are looking for is who will fill the 15 minutes as valuable as possible – and how we can help make their lives better.

Problem #6: Podcasters find successful people for the show.

Nope, still not a win. Do some homework and make sure that the founder actually is well spoken and can speak on the fly.

Solution: Reviewing past success isn’t enough.

We are looking for articulate storytellers who can help you become even greater. Their lessons are your lessons.

Problem #7: Episode titles are too formulaic and uninspired.

Episode #88 name / title / company really doesn’t make sense. Does anyone besides the podcaster care what episode number it is? You’re wasting the first 1/3 of your title real estate on nothing. All podcasting programs list out podcast episodes in order, anyway.

Solution: We will not be episodic.

The title will reflect the main lesson learned. That’s it.

Problem #8: Podcasts spend too much time on the process and not enough on the content.

An informal survey we did shows that podcasters are spending an average of just over 6 hours per show.

Solution: More content, less process.

Most energy on the show will be deeply trying to figure out how to advance the guest and our listeners into their next action. Our production will be kept at a minimum.

And here’s our first podcast!

Here’s where to listen:

Website: nextaction.cc
Apple – https://apple.co/2P9ikEj
Spotify – https://spoti.fi/2P7qJZ5
Google – https://bit.ly/2QmJxbA
Stitcher – https://bit.ly/2zw1Wc3

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