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Interning To Test Drive A Career

Interning To Test Drive A Career

Life pedals along quickly. Two years ago feels like yesterday while two years from now appears to be tomorrow. As a rising college junior, my envisioned future is entirely reconstructed to that of my freshman year. I ignited my studies with aspirations to become an English teacher; however, fresh to town and rummaging for work, a marketing internship fell into my lap. Holding no knowledge about the industry, I felt unqualified. In fact, the starting wage lured me in more than the job description did. However, as the calendar turned, so did my viewpoint on my first internship. Soon after, I traded in my Education major for Marketing & Sociology and have been career chasing ever since.

My prior marketing experience lies with a corporation who uses a very systemical and standard method of operation. This influenced my original struggles in finding the legitimacy behind NowSourcing. Imagine being a 20-year-old college student in a library study room being interviewed via video chat by the CEO and Content Manager of the nation’s leading infographic design agency. Shockingly, the fear came after the interview.

Brian asked me two questions that changed my outlook on work forever [REDACTED]. I could feel my brain heating up each time as I struggled to find an answer. This drove me to chase after a non-standard career even more. Mid-interview, I realized I want nothing to do with the general workforce as it typically fails to encourage original, creative thinking. The kind of thinking that pushes the world to further boundaries.

Now, shift gears and think of standard approaches to test driving a car. Inquire about the dealership’s test driving policy and any unfamiliar vehicle functions, take roads reflecting your typical driving habits, pay attention to how the vehicle operates, and most importantly, focus on driving.

Your internship is your car. In the interview and training phases, seek confirmation for every unsolvable question you have. For example, if you don’t understand the methodology fueling a project, if you need assistance in navigating a starting point, or are just confused on the general operation of work, simply ask. NowSourcing operates as a team, so there is always time to express legitimate concerns: good or bad.

Post-training phase, pay attention to how your vehicle operates. How well does your team communicate? How are their ethics? What kind of companies are you partnering with? Does this seem like work or a chore? Are you happy with the status of your work, and if not, have you tried implementing positive change?

Finally, focus on driving. This way, you can discover your inner strengths and weaknesses. Working remotely at a young age has taught me to network, monitor my personal responsibilities, and sharpen my digital communication skills. In my personal life, working remotely has taught me how to be crafty with space as I have to create quiet work environments within my home, as well as how to entertain myself upon getting antsy.

While an internship may not guarantee you a position post-grad, it will open your eyes to what kind of companies you are interested in joining. Besides, interning in college is a great way to earn a livable income while building a legitimate resume that you will thank yourself for post-grad. The long-term outcome is typically fulfilling if you test drive with positive, futuristic intentions.

Demetrius Harrison is an intern at NowSourcing.