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Your COVID-19 Infographic Toolkit

Your COVID-19 Infographic Toolkit

The path of the coronavirus is seemingly unpredictable. As we wait in quarantine, here are some resources to help you eat well, protect your mental health, working remotely, and more throughout the duration of the pandemic.

Working Remotely During The Pandemic

We’re all making the transition. Here’s how to make yours run more smoothly.

Infographic Source: Time To Reply

The History and Future of Distance Learning

Schools are switching to remote learning, so it’s a good thing the remote learning tools are already out there. Which ones are your school using?

Infographic source: EdSmart

Healthy Eating Under Quarantine

Regardless of sheltering in place, it’s still possible to eat well and stay healthy under quarantine. In fact, it’s more important than ever!

Infographic Source: Body Nutrition

Mental Health Under Quarantine

While we’re feeling cooped up, it’s important to check in with our mental health. Deal with it now so you come out stronger on the other side.

Infographic Source: Health Trends

Social Distancing Without Feeling Isolated

As we practice social distancing, it’s important we don’t feel isolated. You can still talk to people on the phone and get some exercise.

Infographic Source: EduRef

Will COVID-19 Break The Internet?

The fact of the matter is, we just don’t know yet, and maybe. We are all using the internet at once, so max capacity is the new norm.

Infographic Source: Computer Science Zone

How Epidemics Spur Innovation

Innovations such as vaccines and calculus have come out of epidemics past. What will we discover in the wake of COVID-19?

Epidemics and Innovation

Infographic Source: Top Masters In Public Health

Kitchen And Food Safety

If you’ve never worked in a restaurant before, chances are you don’t know much about food safety. Here are the basics.

Infographic Source: KitchenByte

Eat Plants, Feel Whole

It has never been more important to maintain your health. You don’t want to develop a comorbidity factor in the middle of a pandemic! Here are some tips if you want to go plant-based.

Infographic Source: Advent Health

Proper Food Storage

With all that extra food you are buying, are you ensuring it lasts by storing it properly? Learn all about better food storage.

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The Business Of Medicine Left Us Unprepared

One of the reasons people are running out of PPE is on-demand ordering, necessitated by the razor-thin profit margins healthcare organizations are expected to run on.

Infographic Source: Social Work Degree Center

Boosting Your Immune System

Your immune system is your last line of defense, and you need to protect it with all you’ve got. Learn how to boost your immunity!

Infographic Source: Supplement Timing

A Guide To Face Masks

There has been a lot of conflicting information about face masks. Here’s what you need to know!

Infographic Source: Survival At Home

How Data Is Saving Lives During COVID-19

A finding about pulse oxygen drops may be the key to saving folks in nursing homes. It’s important to think about life insurance for seniors.

Infographic Source: MegaData

Are Virtual Events Here To Stay?

Virtual events are becoming a necessity in the age of COVID-19, but will they stick around?

Infographic Source: Data Connectors

The Psychology Of Trusting Remote Workers

You trust them to do their jobs in the office, why not from home?

Infographic Source: Online Psychology Degrees

How To Survive A Layoff Or Furlough

Just because it’s happening to everyone doesn’t mean everyone knows how to deal with it.

Infographic Source: Finivi

The Psychology Of Isolation Fatigue

Buying too much toilet paper is actually a perfectly normal reaction.

Infographic Source: Eduref