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Top 10 Infographics of 2020

Top 10 Infographics of 2020

This year had to come to a close one of these days – we’re calling it and putting out our yearly (10th annual!) top 10 of our favorite infographics of the year.  Enjoy!


#10 How Apple Makes Its Money

Apple became the first $1 Trillion company, but how did it get there?

(Full version) / Source

Featured In: Small Business Trends, HackerNoon, Know Techie, Device Daily, Website Magazine


#9 How to Become an Entrepreneur

A look at the contract that entrepreneurs have with society:

(Full version) / Source

Featured In: Forbes, University of Chicago Press

#8 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

Now more than ever, we want to emulate the habits of those who are successful – but how?

(Full version) / Source

Featured In: Visual Capitalist, MarketingProfs, Business2Community, Association for Talent Development, PR Daily


#7 How Data Saves Lives In The Age Of COVID-19

A look at how using business intelligence can save lives by identifying COVID outbreaks early:

(Full version) / Source

Featured In: McKnight’s, Industry Today, Referral MD, Health Status


#6 A Day in the Life of the Email Economy

With so many other ways to reach your customers, why should you be relying on email marketing? Is it even worth it? In short, yes. Email remains one of the most powerful and effective forms of business communication.

(Full version) / Source

Featured in: Small Business Trends, Social Media Today, CMS Wire, Marketing Profs, PR Daily, Ragan


#5 Reevaluating Screen Time In An Age Of Social Distancing

We’re all staring at screens all too much – a closer look at how it it impacting children:

(Full version) / Source

Featured in: Psychology Today, PCMag, Social Media Today

#4 – Virtual Summits and the Future of Events

It doesn’t look like anyone will be getting together anytime soon for events – how will virtual summits fill the gap?

(Full version) / Source

Featured in: Business Insider, Small Business Trends, Social Media Today, Marketing Profs


#3 – Extended Reality: Sports of the Future

The pandemic has forced us to consider how to play and watch sports in new ways.  Will XR, VR, and AR finally have their moment in the sun?

(Full Version) / Source

Featured in: ReadWrite, e27, Thrive Global, Techaeris, ValueWalk


#2 – What is Industry 4.0?

A new age of industry revolution is before us, this time incorporating IoT, digital twin, and smart manufacturing:

(Full version) / Source

Featured in: Business2Community, HackerNoon, Small Business Trends, Industry Today



#1 – Mental Health Under Quarantine

There’s no doubt that the pandemic is challenging our day to day routine and there are serious physical complications that may happen, but let’s look into the mental health impact:

(Full Version) / Source

Featured in Psychology Today, Small Business Trends, Thrive Global, Health Status

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