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10 Best Infographics of 2017

10 Best Infographics of 2017

Every year in December we get the opportunity to look back over the previous year’s work and decide which infographics we like the best. It’s never an easy task, but somehow this year seemed harder. We made a lot of really great infographics this year! Here are our ten favorite infographics from 2017. (Here are the best from 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010)

1. Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Habits Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Featured On Market Watch, Mental Floss, Entrepreneur, and Visual Capitalist

2. Evolution of Influencers

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Evolution of Influencers
Evolution of Influencers

Featured On The Next Web, Entrepreneur, Mashable, and PR Daily

3. Brand Loyalty Is Dead

Brand Loyalty
Source: RaveReviews.org
Featured On Due, The Next Web, and Visual Capitalist

4. How To Master Meetings

Learn to master meetings with the right technology

Featured On Tech Republic, UpWork, Ridiculously Efficient, Meetings Net, and Site Pro News

5. Why Do Businesses Fail?

Why Do Businesses Fail

Featured On Fast Company, Small Business Trends, and Entrepreneur

6. Getting Ahead In The Gig Economy

Freelancing in the Gig Economy

Inforgraphic by JOBVINE

Featured On NASDAQ, Success, and Inc

7. Why Food Truck Businesses Are Revving Up

Why Food Truck Businesses Are Revving Up [infographic]
Why Food Truck Businesses Are Revving Up [infographic]
Compliments of Food Truck Operator
Featured On Inc, Entrepreneur, My San Antonio

8. Uncovering Password Habits

Uncovering Password Habits: Are Users’ Password Security Habits Improving? Infographic

Featured On Business Standard, IT Pro Portal, and Entrepreneur

9. The Visual Internet

The Visual Internet

Featured On The Next Web, Digital Information World, and Techaeris

10. The Rising Rate Of Frivolous Student Loan Spending

student loan spending

Source: https://studentloanhero.com

Featured On CNBC, Success, and Zero Hedge