NowSourcing Internships

NowSourcing is a social media and internet marketing company based in Louisville, KY.  Our clients range from small local businesses to well-known, nation-wide corporations.  We offer a variety of internship positions for you to gain hands on experience with all aspects of the growing internet marketing industry.  It is a chance for you to dive right in and learn about how companies can use the internet to increase sales, turn more profit, and develop relationships with their customers.  The web has already made a dramatic impact in the work force as an emerging medium for company promotion, and the amount of brands moving into the online world is continually increasing.  Unlike other outlets, the internet provides the opportunity for consumers to conveniently interact directly with companies in real time.  Our internship program is not just about learning, but learning by doing.  Here, you can gain real world experience by utilizing the skills and techniques you will learn to help make a difference for our company and our clients.  More importantly, NowSourcing will help you get a jump start with your future career.

The internship consists of 240 hours total, which averages to 20 hours per week for an overall time period of 3 months.  We have flexible hours and are able to work with your schedule.  Our office is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday.

The internships are paid, and may result in employment after the duration of the intern period.

Our available internship positions are listed below. Please click the position that interests you in order to find out more details.


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