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Review of Su.pr: Stumbleupon’s URL Shortener

By now, a lot of Internet users are suffering from URL-shortening overload syndrome and I am no exception.  When I found out about Stumbleupon’s Web 2.0-aptly named Su.pr, I can’t deny that I groaned more than just a bit.  When it comes to the Unique Ideas...

Could Stumbleupon Help To Revolutionize Online Search?

Out of all the online social networks I have tried, the one I always continue to use on a regular basis is Stumbleupon. Clicking that Stumble button is like a drug and many a hour has disappeared without a trace while I find sites that I wouldn’t normally have found without the aid of this amazing social network.

But to simply label Stumbleupon a social network where you can find other amazing websites belittles its other amazing potential. For example, I have noticed it starting to influence search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Could Stumbleupon’s human-filtered search results be the beginning of the next evolution of search engines that could see the all-powerful Google algorithim be made redundant?