LinkedIn is a powerful tool – if you are using it and using it correctly. It’s not a place to post your resume and check in once a quarter. It’s a place to find professionals with whom you have something in common and build lasting relationships with them. Networking is a powerful thing, and in the age of globalization you can’t depend on your home market to provide you with all the relationships you will need to thrive professionally. LinkedIn can bring together folks from all over the planet. But what happens when you want to meet your online contacts offline? This is where #LinkedInLocal comes in – we bring together people in a central location, some from the area and some not, to get to know the people they spend so much time with online, in person.

#LinkedInLocal NYC

(last held – February 2018 )

Our first event was held in February 2018 in New York for Tri-State participants.
Here’s Christine Gritmon’s video of the event.
Here is our Founder and President’s video.
Anna Gonzalez also got some great photos.
As did Chris Strub.
Christine Gritmon got some great photos, as well.
Thank you to AC Lion for hosting!

#LinkedInLocal Cincinnati

(last held April 2018) – next #LinkedInLocal date TBD

Our second event was held in Cincinnati April 24,2018, hosted by Standard Textile.
Check out the speaker list from the Cincinnati Business Courier!
Here’s a glimpse of the crowd on Brian Wallace’s LinkedIn profile.
Koehler Slagel also chatted with some participants!

#LinkedInLocal Louisville

Our third event was held in Louisville, and was featured in the Monday Morning Business Briefing in Insider Louisville.
Brian Wallace was interviewed for the Courier-Journal, as well.
Tickets here!

Our fourth event was held in Rockland County, New York and was featured in the Rockland County Business Journal.