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Whether you have a long standing blog that needs to be converted from Blogger or you are anxious to start a new blog, we can help.  Our staff has years of experience installing, creating plugins, themes, comment moderation, and copywriter services.  Looking for a single solution blog/e-commerce platform? No problem.

Here are some other commonly asked questions we receive:

  • What if we just want to have the blog run itself?

With our professional team of techies, designers, editors, and writers, you can blog vicariously through us! 🙂

  • Ok, so why only WordPress consulting?

There are plenty of other blogging platforms out there (Blogger, Typepad, Squarespace, etc), though we feel that the community, theme development, plugin development, and constant updates make WordPress the platform to be on.  WordPress is the fastest growing blog platform and shows no signs of being here one day and gone the next.

  • Can’t I just install the blog myself?

Yes, you can absolutely install a blog yourself.  Consider this, though: if you put your blog on wordpress.com or blogspot, you are really handing all of your traffic to Blogger and WordPress, and you are restricted in the actions that you can do there.

  • What about SEO and Blogging?

Google likes WordPress.  We’ve experienced blog posts picked up by Google in under an hour.

Contact us today to set up world class WordPress Consulting by our team.

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