10 Important Technology Infographics

Love them or hate them, infographics are an incredible way of displaying large amounts of data, giving the viewer a wonderful mnemonic device in being able to recall data.

Last time, I had led you through a collection of my top 10 favorite social media infographics. They were meant to convey a story – each in their own way as well as the set in its entirety.

This time, I’ll be leading you through a more industry specific approach in infographics – technology.

1 – The History of Location Technology

Mashable serves up an interesting historical perspective on the origins of location based technologies.  Smoke signals, anyone ? 😉


2 – State of the Internet

Focus.com has a wonderful visual of the state of the Internet. Wonderful colorful slices of age/gender/and country demographics.


3 – What People are Doing Online

It is interesting to not only break down online users by age demographic  – clustering by Internet usage is fascinating when you see how it plays out by age:


4 – The Cost of Technology

Interesting look at how today’s toys size up against gadgets of yesteryear:


5 – The Rise of Netbooks

GigaOM reports on the rise of netbooks from 2008-2010. This is an important advent in tech history, as it allows the user to have a semi-powerful machine built to access cloud computing:


6 – What is Cloud Computing?

If you were wondering what cloud computing was from the last infographic’s reference, Wikibon does a good job laying out the basics of Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS):

What is Cloud Computing?
Via: What is Cloud Computing?

7 – The History of the Rickroll

No advancement of technology list would be complete without it 😉

The History of RickRolling

8 – Online Gaming Stats

One of the best things about the Internet these days is the explosive growth of depth and complexity of online gaming:


9 – Phishing for Your Money

Unfortunately, the Internet isn’t just fun and games. Lots of phishing attempts are out to get into to your bank account:


10 – What is HTML5?

With all the news about the Apple iPad not supporting flash in favor of HTML5, I thought it would be useful to end this infographic list with some demystifying of what HTML5 actually is: