10 Outstanding Social Media Infographics

Nobody has time to read anymore, right?  Every day we are all inundated with more and more information overload coming from credible and yet to be verified sources.  Where can Internet users find relief? Answer: the infographic.  Infographics are a wonderful mix of key data and visualization that can really bring the message home if put together correctly.  So without further ado, we bring you our top 10 favorite social media infographics!

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1 – World Map of Social Networks

Let’s start at the 50,000 foot view, shall we?


2 – Age Distribution on Social Network Sites

Is age distribution targeting more your thing? Pingdom put together an excellent overview by social network:


3 – Social Media Periodic Table of Elements

As we previously reported, our friend and fellow Advertising Age Power 150 member Eyecube created another great visualization called the social media periodic table of elements:

periodic table of social media elements


4 – The Conversation Prism

No social media infographic collection would be complete without Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism:


5 – The Boom of Social Sites

Focus.com put together an outstanding visual showing both the size and timeline of social communities:


6 – Make Social Media Work For Your Company


7 – Hubspot Twitter Territory

Hubspot of Twitter Grader fame nailed it with a slick infographic showing how each state’s Twitter usage compares to the national average:


8 – How Twitter Got Attacked by DDOS

If you’re a frequent Twitter user, you’ll remember the great DDOS attack as a period of social media withdrawal:


9 – Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment V.2

While we’re on the subject of Internet security, we’d be remiss to not mention the US Air Force’s blogging assessment flowchart infographic:


10 -Visualizing 6 Years of Facebook

We thought that the best way to round out this list would be to celebrate Facebook’s recent 6th anniversary – Muhammad Saleem put together this excellent infographic over at Mashable:



  1. Jane

    Amazing approach to this entire field. I quite enjoyed the article here.

  2. Tonychan

    Nice collection of social media information. I really like the timeline of the various popular social networking sites over time. MySpace and Facebook are huge!

  3. samrat kafle

    Definitely great stuff to keep in memory really face things are written here thanks for sharing cheers!!! :O

  4. Mark @ Blue Orange

    #5 is an interesting one, I had no idea that there was that many social media sites. Also, surprising how close MySpace and Facebook were!

  5. Valda Volentine

    Dont know how I came across this blog but its fantastic

  6. Allie Nissan

    Dont know how I came across this blog but its fantastic

  7. Niels

    Interesting infographics.. I’m a big fan of Facebook and Twitter as well.

  8. Debbi - website design

    Hi Brian,  This is a really creative way of showing the strengths of the various Social Media Networks and the relationships between them.

    Thanks for sharing – I have RT’d the link!

  9. Toq

    Great graphics but as everyone should know by now, age statistics for websites are very inaccurate.  While Facebook might be up there closer to the truth because they really go for the real you, there are countless people who make accounts to appear older or even younger on the Internet to appeal to a different group.  Not to mention the countless people who register multiple accounts for various reasons on sites which skews the statistics even more.  On top of that, most of these companies would not reveal this data, especially to a rival like Google where the age demographic is listing as its source, compiled by pingdom, an up-time monitoring service, which has nothing to do with the data listed.

  10. Aaron Schwartz

    Interesting Info-graphics. I enjoyed reading this. Hats off to you.

    But i missed one “4 – The Conversation Prism”. I don’t know what happened but the Image is not loading.

  11. Josephine

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