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An Ode to StumbleUpon

O, StumbleUpon, you’re our only hope left. Digg started shouting at us, and we’re tempted to listen – but to no avail.

Reddit changed its looks, and is quite nice, but is a whole new alien.

Netscape went up, up, and away to Propeller.

Yahoo, you confuse us. You are already are Delicious, but Mash is just a wee child. Are you bookmarking, networking, news or what?

But you, StumbleUpon. You have stayed true to us. We want to know you very well, but don’t change a thing. We like you just the way you are.


  1. Tim Nash

    what a great piece of social prose and your right I don’t want SU to change 🙂

  2. brian

    @tim: thanks! I don’t want them to change, either.

  3. Dan

    “Follow the silver gradient road, follow the silver gradient road
    Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the silver gradient road”

  4. brian

    @dan: 🙂 I’ll get you my pretty….and I’ll invite your little dog Toto, too.

  5. Sujan Patel

    SU please dont change..please don’t change (while tapping my red shoes together)

  6. brian

    @Sujan: lol. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He’s making sure SU is working 🙂

  7. tomasco

    I fired up firefox in 2004. For me it is the finest browser. Everything works intuitively and makes for great surfing. Stumble has got to be the finest..extension?…………ever.
    Stumble is just a peripheral extension? I think not. Whatever it is called it is a premier way to meet people and discuss ideas. Thank you fellow stumblers!!

  8. brian

    @tomasco: and thank you. I’m a huge fan of Firefox myself and have been using for several years now.

  9. Dan

    Mmm… Firefox… My first experience with it was v0.99 or somewheres around there. There I was a nublet in class reading slashdot for one of the first times…

  10. ravi karandeekar

    Yes, absolutely right! I am with you. Very well written. I am impressed.

  11. Josh

    You wont make it to front page, remember the bury gang!

  12. brian

    @dan: way to be. Glad you’ve liked firefox for so long. Why are we talking about firefox so much here? Isn’t this about StumbleUpon and the Wizard of…ok, I guess we are getting off on a tangent 🙂

    @ravi: I’m glad you like it here. Hope to see you back!

    @josh: thanks for the support. I like it when people say that I can’t do something. It gives me more drive. What front page are we talking about, Digg? StumbleUpon?

  13. brian

    @tad chef: Perhaps. But, it isn’t that surprising. SU isn’t an SEO community such as Sphinn. That’s not to say that the SU community doesn’t find such articles interesting. Take this Ode to StumbleUpon story: it currently shows that 50 people liked it, with 29 reviews.

  14. Ryan

    LoL – I was demoing my startup at TechCrunch40 where Garrett Camp stopped by my stand to have a conversation with another attendee.

    I sorta made an outburst ….OOO It’s StumbleUpon guy… StumbleUpon ….

    It’s a great thing, as if Google doesn’t give me good search results, I will use Stumble search for more relevant results!

  15. brian

    @ryan: nice work. See if the wizard is going to help you get back to Kansas now. 🙂

  16. brian

    Thanks for the mention, Dana!