NowSourcing featured in Sphinn user behavior interview

SEM Portland interviews NowSourcing about Sphinn user behavior

NowSourcing has been featured in a group interview regarding Sphinn user’s behavior on the SEM Portland blog.

Sphinn - a social news site for Search Engine Marketers and Social Media SpecialistsFor those of you that haven’t already been to Sphinn, it is a wealth of knowledge for SEM specialists and social media experts. It is based on the popular Pligg open source content management system (read: customizable Digg clone). Topics on Sphinn range from more traditional SEO methods such as link building and directories to domaining to social media. A variety of content will make it to the homepage – which certainly won’t get you the same traffic as the Digg homepage, but it is a much more targeted audience, so the chances that you will get some visibility and backlinks are good. My Ode to Stumbleupon post recently went hot, so you can see the variety of things that people find interesting there.

Back to the interview – here are some of my thoughts on how an SEM can leverage Sphinn to increase their visibility in the search community:

“By taking full advantage of what the site has to offer. At the least, put in an avatar (all of the top sphinners except one have one). It is a good idea to put in your websites, blogs, and other social network id’s in your profile. Submit regularly, but this is a choosy bunch. If you are submitting your own content (it’s fine to do so here, by the way), make sure it is relevant and that you know what you’re talking about. Same goes for submitting someone else’s site.

Check out the full interview here.


  1. Todd Mintz

    Brian, thanks for your contributions to the story.

  2. brian

    @todd: Hey, thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed. It was fun 🙂