Who Cares?! Overheard on Twitter #3

In last week’s Overheard on Twitter, we challenged five people to change their logo Twitter avatar to a real face – @doshdosh, @andybeard, @chrispirillo, @converseon, and @chrisbrogan.

As it turns out, our campaign wasn’t terribly effective – only one person changed their logo to a face: @chrisbrogan. Once again Chris, you’ve proven why you’re The Man 😀

Ok, so maybe we didn’t get an overwhelming response from those we tagged, but quite a few people were happy to put a face to a name with Brian’s face in place of the NowSourcing logo:

NowSourcing Twitter avatar change

We had a lot of success in Twitter this week. It seems if you’ve got a real problem, twitterkin can be very helpful. Whatever you need, whenever your time of need – your support system is just a tweet away!

Color Wars!

A lot of people have been wondering what all the “Very Green Team” and “Red Team” and “RGB Team” banners under people’s icons are all about.

Well, @zefrank started it all – follow him for all your Color Wars updates. The Color Wars website is also finally up and running with full-on directions.

Of course, why do all that when you could just watch an entertaining video of their theme song?

…and may I recommend @The Black Team 😉 Each team also seems to have their own website with all their own resources. It’s like a bunch of underground twi-mmunities (twitter communities).

Technical Support

mayobrains: Retweet a friend with a problem – @charlief Has anyone gotten WordPress to work with GoDaddy recently? Can I pick someone’s brain on it? about 7 hours ago from web

When I forwarded all those great resources to @charlief, he gave me such an awesome thank-you 😀

Charlie charlief @mayobrains I do have to say you are truly awesome! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! about 6 hours ago from twhirl in reply to mayobrains

Emotional Support

Thursday night, Brian’s son went into the ER. He twittered about it, and was literally barraged with well wishes.

There’s a lot so the view is cut off here – but be sure to read on because we’ve saved the best (and most useful) for last!

nowsourcing nowsourcing: This is going to be a long night. My wife just brought baby to the emergency room & I’m holding down the fort at home. about 23 hours ago



nowsourcing: thanks for the thoughts and prayers all. I’m hoping everything will be ok. about 23 hours ago


nowsourcing: Wife just called. Baby currently being seen by doc, and seems a little better. about 23 hours ago


nowsourcing: Ok, baby is back from the hospital, but he’s sick. Going to try to get some rest. about 20 hours ago

Bad Idea… Good Idea


Lee Odden .
twittering and driving – not good about 7 hours ago from web

@Mimobot hosts giveaways of their ‘mimobots’ – “designer USB flash drives preloaded with digital media content for your enjoyment” – on their twitter. Cool way to represent your brand and engage people 😀

And Rohit Bhargava (@rohitbhargava) opened up for people to pick his brain to promote his new book, Personality Not Included. Let’s see how he’s doing on those interview questions…


Awesome – looking forward to seeing the answers to our questions!


  1. andymurd

    Excellent post – Twitter is becoming the Swiss Army Knife of web 2.0 tools. With creative users like those you mentioned and funky third party tools being added every day it’s already an essential part of my online life.

  2. Malte Landwehr

    Color Wars. I still don’t understand them 🙁