One-on-One: Meeting Jaime Mack

(Brian Wallace and Jaime Mack enjoy a chat about entering social media)

Meeting Jaime was a bit different from meeting my first two meetups. Prior to meeting, Jaime had asked me via chat if I still wanted to meet up as he was so new to the social media scene. This made me think that this was exactly what 10 in 10 was for! What better a way to get more acquainted with social media for a newbie than meeting with a practitioner one-on-one?  Jaime has a regular day job, and for him, social media is more of a past time.  He’s most active on Plurk, with a pretty cool user name.

I gave Jaime some tips on getting he way around on social networks, even with limited time, and even some tips on getting a blog underway.

Jaime was local to the area, so Kevin Mason is still in the leader in the 10in10 contest.

Three weeks down, seven to go! Looking forward to meeting more of you in the upcoming weeks!

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  1. Jamie Mack

    I had a lot of fun meeting Brian the other day, and, even in the limited time we had, I picked up a lot of information and ideas. The social media scene on the web can be a bit overwhelming, but Brian said that the best way to learn, as with many things, is just to jump right in there. Who knows, maybe my hobby will lead to a new career; the sky’s the limit really!!


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