10 in 10 is Official: iPod Nano Anyone?

So, I’ve suggested on here and a few other places about making the
#10in10 series into a contest. Well boys and girls, it’s official.

Geeks.com has officially sponsored the event, and is offering up
an iPod Nano to the individual that comes from the furthest away!

Currently, the front runner is Kevin Mason with an impressive showing, driving over 3 hours to meet up!

We’re only getting started, moving into week 3 of 10, so there is plenty
of time to try to oust the current leader…good luck everyone!

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  1. Glen Allsopp

    3 hours, pleh. I’m going to fly straight from Cape Town šŸ˜›

  2. Brian Wallace

    @Glen Allsopp:
    heh, I think if you made the trip, you’d win hands down. Good to hear from ya, buddy šŸ™‚


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