Week 4 – Todd Mundt from NPR

Sharing a wealth of knowledge, a consensus mentality and a love for my newly adopted hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, I felt great about my most recent 10 in 10 meet-up experience with Todd Mundt of National Public Radio. And it isn’t your grandparents’ radio station, either. Well, it could be if your grandparents are like mine and are way cool, hip and totally into technology and electronics and ambiance. I took the grand tour with Todd who enjoys his home field advantage at the corporate NPR facilities here in Louisville. The lay of the land is professional, quality-driven and well dressed.

I’ve seen Todd around mainly on Twitter but also local Louisville websites. Like myself, Todd is also a Louisville transplant. Originally from Iowa, Todd has been in Louisville for years now, and comes from a background in radio. This was a natural fit to the microblogging environment that is Twitter. He is personable, friendly and authoritative in his area of expertise and I couldn’t have appreciated him more.

Todd and I caught up over a cup of coffee and wow did we hit a lot of territory.  Everything from Twitter to Identica to Yammer and back again.  A great conversation we had going was the concept of blog comment ownership.  We went back and forth between a third party model (a la disqus), the blog owner retaining control, and original commenter control.

I had a great time meeting up with Todd, and would like to do so again.  Can’t wait for my next 10 in 10 meetup, won’t you join me? 😉

And hey kids, while Kevin Mason is still in the leader in the Geeks.com 10in10 contest, though it isn’t too late for you to try to win the iPod Nano!

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