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You’ve probably noticed the new change of clothes around here.  Why just have a change of clothes when you can have a whole ensemble though?  Here is a list of things to come:

Social media case studies – enough buzzwords already.  Let’s get into the meat and potatoes.  We’ll cover some examples of what worked, and perhaps even some examples of what didn’t.  And these case studies won’t just be coming from us – send us your best and brightest, and we’ll talk.

PPC – what’s that you say? Yes, it is a social media blog and will remain a social media blog.  Still, let’s face it: social media is one new branch of Internet marketing (and yes, you can tell me how it is soft sales, branding, engagement, customer service, etc, etc…but that’s still marketing).  A branch that should be supplemented by organic SEO and PPC.  So, we’ll be focusing on PPC.

Widgets, widgets, and more widgets – we’ll be evaluating and adding the best of breeds in search (i.e. Lijit), comment systems (intense debate, sezwho, disqus), Tweetbacks, and others like Google Friend Connect.  Plugins too.

Webinars – plans are in the works to have actual in person and web classes.  Stay tuned.

And as promised, we’re delivering a fresh post to you once a day.  Peace.

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  1. Joe

    Looking forward to the changes, especially webinars and discussion on widgets. Perhaps some webinars are how to create slideshows as nicely as you’ve done Brian. 🙂

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  2. Grace Boyle


    Thanks for mentioning Lijit and your interest in trying us out. We’re excited about Nowsourcing becoming Lijit and are looking forward to working together. I will also mention that our recent release allows you to see blog comments in your search results with Lijit if you’re using Disqus, Intense Debate or JS-Kit which you can read more about here: http://cli.gs/aytg0y This is an exciting feature, especially because comments on a blog post are often where the relevant dialogue lies. Please let us know if you need anything else and if anyone has a question about Lijit, feel free to e-mail me, I’m gboyle at lijit dot com

    Thanks again, Brian.

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