Follow Friday: Social Media Beards

By now, most of you probably have heard of the hashtag on twitter, #followfriday.  Thought we’d put a special weekly post every Friday to go  beyond the 140 characters.

This week’s #followfriday spotlight: @stuartcfoster, @amyvernon and #socialmediabeards: @Chrisbrogan, @MrBabyMan, @NowSourcing, @Msaleem, @Dan360man, @jasonfalls, @Mashable

It all started from some fun banter with Chris Brogan a while back when he chose to shave off his goatee:


And things just took off from there.  I suggested #socialmediabeards, and Stuart & Amy put out a fine looking post.  It didn’t reach Twitter trending topics, though there were 8 pages of mention on Twitter search at the time of writing this post.  We also created a site to continue the social media bearded fun.  Ah, come on, it’s Friday – have some fun!