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Follow Friday #2: Let’s Get Social

Welcome to our second installment of Follow Friday – beyond the 140 characters.  This week’s #followfriday folks:


@theGypsy: First on our band of merry people is Dave Harry.  Dave is a real stickler for qualitative research and often reports on search engine patents.  He’s been a busy guy, rolling out a new SEO handbook and the Huomah dojo.

@SilentJay74: Joe is a great guy that I’ve met in person and just a truly passionate social media user.  You may know him as a co-host of Social Blend.  Wherever you may know him, his from the heart Tweet this week really made my day:


@Ruudhein: Ruud is a great thinker that works over at Search Engine People.  Just a cool multi-dimensional guy (which really comes out when you go to his personal site).  He was nice enough to interview me this week as well.

@LeftTheBox: Samir has been a rising star in the realm of social media.  I’m pretty sure he first came on my radar with his Techipedia guest post last year.  He recently made the Junta42 list with his site, LeftTheBox, and I enjoy his thought provoking reads.

@missmcj: CJ is one smart lady.  You can tell from her latest post on how long tail search is rubbish.  And she’s Australian, so that’s pretty hard to beat 🙂

So who do you follow? And more importantly: why?

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  1. Samir Balwani

    Thank you for the such kind words Brian!

  2. Brian Wallace

    Samir: you bet, keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. AmyV

    I follow you, natch, but also @SilentJay74 (agree w/your assessment of him, though I’ve never met him in person). I don’t know these other folks, so I’ll have to check them out.

    But I also follow @applemacbookpro, @stephhicks, @beshirthappy and @getsmartwomen because they tweet really interesting content and are all just top-notch people. Adam (applemacbookpro) has a lot of good insight into the social media-sphere, Stephanie keeps me on top of environmental news, Donna (beshirthappy) is one of the nicest people I’ve met in social media and Bridget (getsmartwomen) always has her eye out for the best tools and tips for everything – Twitter, design, social media, etc.

    AmyVs last blog post..So Say We All: The Battlestar Galactica Blog Carnival, Ed. 4.5.6

  4. Brian Wallace

    @Amyv: I hear ya, Amy, though I can only do 5 things at a time 🙂
    Really though, I want to spotlight 5 a week. I also follow most that you have listed as well…perhaps they will be in next week’s version? Stay tuned… 😉

  5. Shmully Litvin

    Brian, I love the way you bring the standards of friday follow, and most other web concepts to the next level. thanks for the leads, and for raising the bar!

  6. Brian Wallace

    Shmully: you bet, glad you like the format! 🙂

  7. SilentJay74

    Thanks again for your kind words Brian. They are much appreciated.

  8. CJ

    ooooooo…I’m a bit late off the mark, but thank you so much Brian!

    CJs last blog post..User intent in real time