What About Contact Form 7?


Last week’s WordPress Wednesday about how to select a WordPress contact form plugin seemed to generate a lot of good discussion, so let’s continue a bit on the same subject.  Since last week’s post, a recurring question I’ve been asked here and privately: What about contact form 7? (by Ideasilo)

First off: I didn’t intentionally leave out Contact Form 7, it’s just been a while since I found myself using it.  So, let’s have a look at what Contact Form 7 has to offer:

Pros: Very simple, can generate tags & CAPTCHA support (both of which are major limitations of Contact Form ][), I don’t like how it is hidden in the manage menu though, really not standard for a plugin.   Great language support.  Ability to attach files (WordPress 2.7+).   There’s even a bit you can do with Akismet spam integration, though if you use CAPTCHA that’s kind of unnecessary.

Cons: CformsII is much more full featured (think administration, multiple forms on one page, backup/restore, built in css “themes”), and it lacks the refer tracking of Enhanced WordPress plugin.

So there you have it.  A bit better than the basic Contact Form ][, though my pick is still the Enhanced WordPress plugin.

And stay tuned for next week’s WordPress Wednesday – we’re going to tackle another most frequently asked question: what kind of commenting system should I use?

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