How to Keep it All Together & Meeting Ben Ray

Image of Ben Ray from Twitter
Image of Ben Ray

This post is a combination between motivation, meeting for the #10in10 experiment, and social media.  I find that people sometimes have trouble “keeping it all together” sometimes.  It’s easy to get burned out and overwhelmed in social media.  My advice: take things one step at a time.  Of course you have your overall game plan, but what I’m talking about here are all the baby steps in order to get there.

Which brings me to the #10in10 experiment.  10in10 has been a lot of fun, though it is also a lot of work and time commitment.  We also had a huge ice storm in between.  So when considering balancing work and family, you would think that 10in10 might be something that might fall through the cracks.  Well, fear not, dear reader! We will finish 10in10 and also have some fun bringing it all full-circle shortly.

Now without further ado, let’s meet 10in10 #9: Ben Ray.

We had a chance to bring 10in10 back on track this weekend meeting Ben Ray, who is currently working for the Ohio State Treasurer up on Columbus, OH.  Ben is an interesting and smart guy, and it was a pleasure talking shop over a cup of coffee.  Though we can’t share all of the details, let’s just say that they are working on some truly useful and engaging things!

It’s interesting that Ben grew in social media from being both a writer and Digger.  Most social media practitioners out there tend to only specialize in a single network, I can recognize that being a content contributor and Digger is a real talent.

While Ben technically came from Columbus, he still also lives in Louisville, so that counts him out from winning the iPod Nano, which Kevin Mason is still on track to win as he drove all the way from Nashville.

So who of you would like to close out the 10in10 experiment? We have one more to do and the Nano is still at stake (sponsored by

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