Finding New, Cheap, and Traffic-rich Keyword Niches

Expanding keywords is an infinite job. If you run out of ways to describe your product, service, or offer, then you’re not trying hard enough! Here are a couple quick ways I expand on keywords to get more quality traffic that is cheap:

Misspellings: This may seem like an easy one, but stay with me! Think of all the ways to misspell a term on search engines. Here are some quick ideas:

  • Common misspellings on high-volume terms. You know those rules like “i” before “e”, except after “c”? Break them all and add them to the list. Done.
  • Keyboard errors. Look for the last letter of a word and look at all the letters around it. Turn each one into a new keyword and keep the bid low.
  • Mis-spacing. When your keywords have more than one individual word, sometimes people might put the space one letter too early or late. For example, if you your keyword is “white snow”, your new keywords good be “whites now”, and “whit esnow”.

Word Transpositions. If you’re using broad match keyword ordering doesn’t matter, but it does in phrase and exact match. So if you’re bidding on “red dress”, why not bid on “dress red”? This is really useful if your audience consists of people speaking English as a second language, since many languages (especially romance languages) put the adjective before the noun, instead of the other way around like English does.

Check the Logs: It’s always a good idea to comb through the logs to find what other keywords brought people to this site. If you find some misspellings you didn’t think of before, add them.

When setting up bids, start with 25-50% of your normal keyword bid, and adjust accordingly for preferred positioning and/or return. Just remember, when you begin bidding on misspellings, I’d recommend putting them in a completely separate ad group. This is critical because you don’t want keyword insert to show up on these search queries.  Once they begin getting traffic then you can separate them into their own ad groups and manage them with the rest of your account.


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