Bang For Your PPC Buck

We all like to save money, and even though I’ve mentioned in the past how you can lower CPCs, I thought I will share a couple quick and simple ways you can make the money you’re spending on search work a little harder.

Paying By Credit Card: Most people try to get on an invoicing plan with the search engines whenever they can, but I try to stick to credit cards as often as possible.  Why?  Because the credit cards I use pay me in points, and those points can be used for all sorts of other work expenses.  If you’re budgets are big enough those points could even pay for some or all of your corporate travel!

Bing Cashback: Bing literally pays people to search by using cash back incentives when the people buy from a PPC ad.  This works by the advertiser giving a discount on a product, and Bing using that discount to entice people to save money when they’re looking to purchase items you carry.  The best part for advertisers is a percentage of your PPC spending from Bing gets deposited into a cashback account that you can use for those discounts.  So sign up, and encourage people to save.

Fraud Credits: Click fraud is inevitable, and most engines will give you a monthly credit back for some click fraud.  Most of the time they see it up front and don’t even charge you for it.  However, it does happen, and when it slips through the cracks you can file a claim to get some money back.  This post about click fraud shows you how.

Have your own ideas?  Share them in the comments, and help others put their money to work!


  1. Stephen

    Don, have you ever explored or heard of social media PPC marketing?

    I thought you may be interested considering your posts on both PPC and social media.

    At WebPartner ( we have created a process where we help create a Twitter community that corresponds to a company’s desired demographics using a set of data points and qualifiers (no auto-following etc.).

    We then engage that audience with relevant content on behalf of the company. The content has trackable URLs (think bitly for example). We use a PPC model and charge based on how many link clicks we get for our customers. It works brilliantly and customers really love it as we can build (or add to) their Twitter presence and they only pay based on clicks (or our performance).

    Stephen Iacullo
    VP Sales and Marketing

  2. Gottesanbeterin

    Bing Cashback sounds interesting! I think I will try it.


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