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Social Media Propaganda Vintage Posters

I’m a big fan of propaganda. Ok, perhaps that didn’t come out right. I’m highly interested in the emotions invoked from strong imagery that propaganda brings, especially WWII vintage posters. That’s probably what gravitated me to this series of retro social media propaganda posters, brought to us by the fine folks at Brazilian ad agency Moma Propaganda

What’s your favorite retro poster? Let me know in the comments.


  1. jack

    Love the Skype one. Totally looks like the “what the future will be like” posters I have seen.

  2. roboooc

    Would love to see versions done in the style of old Soviet propaganda posters. Anyone up for the challenge?

  3. ellie

    I like the skype and the twitter one

  4. emersonia

    probably collectible! can we buy them? #d & signed by the artist? and is that a young (butch cassidy and the sundance kid era) robert redford on the you tube poster? would also like to see some done in the vintage-euro-travel-foodie styles! i think you have a profitable product, would be popular and make u a good income. if you don’t need or want to sell them, i would! (currently unemployed, job seeker, applying for unemployment…) all styles of propoganda would be cool… oldie communist china multicolor, some field-n-stream rustic western americana, etc…. how creative of you to imagine these, keep on!

  5. Pradeep - Site Optimizer

    Wow all the depictions are perfectly apt to the base point of the them! Great job! Love all the posters. 🙂

  6. JustG


    here’s one of my favorites: i am fascinated by the fantasy of the designer who combined a young smiley lady and a bomb in one picture. https://goo.gl/jRHX

    spotted and photographed at the museum of war in ottawa.

  7. Bojan

    This reminds me of Fallout soooo much! Great game, google for it, all done in vintage propaganda style! 🙂

  8. Typo Tat

    That’s awesome. Very vintage and somehow disturbing.

  9. Elizabeth

    Is there somewhere we can download or buy these? They’re awesome!

  10. john

    Skype and Facebook were my faves. I’d be interested in a poster if they were available.

  11. Matthew Burleson

    I really really want these – I tried to go to the companies website – but I can’t find them on their website at all – do you know where they can be bought?

  12. Leslie

    I love these! The Skype one is my favorite, with the dog trying to see the screen. I only wish my hair could look like these ladies!