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Twitter Gets Busy With Bigger Profiles & Hashtag Amazon Cart Shopping

Twitter Gets Busy With Bigger Profiles & Hashtag Amazon Cart Shopping

In the past few months, Twitter has been on a roll. As anyone who uses the service on a frequent basis will know, the site has been changing the profile page in a big way, and they are also heavily promoting the World Cup. But what you may not be aware of is that you can also shop on Amazon using Twitter hashtags.

Before we get onto that though, let’s take a look at the profile changes. The ones such as the bigger pictures may seem obvious, but there are a few other little things you may have overlooked.

For a start, the bigger header images and bigger profile pictures clearly show that Twitter is aiming to emulate Facebook. Why they would want to is anybody’s guess. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it is as if they have lifted the entire source code for Facebook’s profile page, changed the colors a bit and rebranded it as the new Twitter profile.

Don’t get me wrong, having nicer bigger pictures in the Twitter page is nice, but it also shows that Twitter is content to lift other peoples ideas, and not innovate on their own.

Here are some of the other features which have appeared in the new design which you may have overlooked.

Best Tweets

If you look at your Twitter page, you will now see some Tweets in a larger font than the others. The bigger font is so you can showcase your best tweets – that is the ones with the most engagement (retweets, replies, favourites).

This is not something you can tweak yourself to your requirements – a Twitter algorithm decides what is “best” and what isn’t.

Pinned Tweets


Now you can “pin” a particular tweet to the top of your Twitter page for everyone to see. It will stay there until you unpin it. You can only pin one thing at a time so choose wisely.

To pin a tweet, click on the three dots in the tweet’s menu and choose “pin to your profile page”. Then refresh the page and the tweet should now be there pinned to the top. When you unpin it, it takes its original place back in your timeline.

Filtered Tweets

This is a pretty easy one. Filtered tweets are ones you can look at when browsing other peoples Twitter profiles. When browsing a Twitter timeline, you can choose to see only tweets, tweets with photos & videos, or tweets and replies. Extremely useful when the person has an enormous number of tweets, and you only want to look at certain ones.

Shopping on Amazon With Twitter Hashtags


Amazon and Twitter are now partners-in-crime which means that if you see something super-duper on Twitter that you want to buy, just reply to the tweet with the words #amazoncart. This will put the item in your Amazon cart (assuming of course that Amazon has the item in stock).

You are not committing to buy the item if you hashtag it. It simply puts it in your Amazon cart, so you are free to go to your cart later and remove it, if you have changed your mind.

One thing I should point out though is that there is no way to hide what you are doing. So if you hashtag #amazoncart on a product, then the whole world will see the tweet, and see what you are interested in. This might in the future result in spam bots, and also potential embarrassment if you are buying something private (such as lingerie). So be careful when using the hashtag! People are watching!

If this is something you would like to try out, then just go here and link your Amazon and Twitter accounts together. Then proceed to watch your credit card bills go nuclear!