How to Tell When it’s Time for a Professional Infographic

How to Tell When it’s Time for a Professional Infographic


We write a lot about why you should use a professional infographic design agency to build your infographic instead of doing it yourself.  The reason is simple: DIY infographics are universally terrible, and it makes the entire genre look terrible.  Yet people continue to make infographics, and those infographics continue to fall flat.

This is actually a good thing from our perspective.  If you’re taking the time to build your own infographic, it’s because you recognize the potential of infographics as a storytelling medium.  Your DIY infographic may have done OK, but it’s more likely it went unnoticed.

Here are some reasons it didn’t achieve everything you thought it would:

  • It’s not actually an infographic.  Infographics use pictures and words to tell a complex story in a simple way.  A chart or a dataviz labeled as an infographic is confusing to your audience because it doesn’t tell the whole story.
  • You don’t know how to promote your infographic.  The point of infographics is to get your message to a wider audience, so just posting it to your company social media pages isn’t enough.
  • You used a designer and research team who have never made an infographic before.  Graphic designers can do a lot, but if they’ve never made an infographic before, they aren’t going to magically know how to make one.  It’s a craft that takes time to master.
  • Maybe you used a template so it looks like everything else out there.  When everyone uses the same design, there’s nothing to stand out from the crowd.

Now that you are interested in infographics, it’s time to try making one with the help of the professionals.  We can explain the process to you and handle everything from ideation to design to promotion.  A professionally developed infographic is going to get a lot more positive attention than a DIY infographic any day.

You’re making DIY infographics because you know infographics can be a powerful medium.  Now it’s time to see just how powerful they can be.

Photo Courtesy of New Old Stock Photos