It Takes a Team to Make an Infographic

It Takes a Team to Make an Infographic

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Can a Designer Make an Infographic Alone?

There are plenty of people out there who think a designer can make an infographic alone.  It’s just a pretty picture, right?  Why can’t the designer just throw together some pictures and charts and be done with it?  As long as it looks good, it’s a good infographic, right?

Creating an infographic is a process.  It requires an ideation phase, where ideas are brainstormed and a final idea is decided upon.  You could leave this to a designer, but chances are that’s not the designer’s forte.  They can come up with ideas for design, but not necessarily for topics.


Do You Really Need a Writer?

The next phase is research and writing, and usually this is not the designer’s specialty, either.  After these things comes the design, and if you’ve skipped over the previous two steps entirely, chances are you’re going to have a mess on your hands.  Design will come first and it will probably look great, but chances are there won’t be much substance.


What do You do Once it’s Made?

If you miraculously end up with a good infographic after having just one person work on it, chances are it will never see the light of day.  Designers aren’t PR people and they don’t know how to get your shiny new infographic in front of a whole lot of people.  If it’s just going to sit there unnoticed on a landing page, what’s the point?

Successful infographics require an entire team of well-trained people.  A designer alone just can’t get the job done.