Where Do Infographics Come From?

Where Do Infographics Come From?

Your boss told you he wants an infographic on your company blog by this afternoon. What do you do? You sat staring at your computer for 45 minutes and the infographic fairies didn’t drop anything into your Dropbox. Time is almost up.

Open MS Paint and start dropping in random charts from your last quarterly report. Go find an infographic from your competitor and start brazenly plagiarizing it. Where did they get such a great infographic anyway?

Download your competitor’s infographic and start photoshopping your company’s logo on it. Who’s going to notice? It’s not like anyone makes these things. Who cares about intellectual property laws anyway.

Maybe that wasn’t the best idea. Delete everything and start over. Open MS Paint and start dropping charts from your last quarterly report in, but this time in a more organized fashion. How do people make infographics look so good, anyway? Do they use designers or something?

Words, you need words. Copy and paste those from your quarterly report, too. How do people get those infographics to flow so well? Do they use writers or something?

Break into a cold sweat. You have an hour left and your infographic looks like your kindergartner did it. Google Infographic Design Agency on the off chance that’s actually a thing.

Hey, what do you know, it IS actually a thing! Start looking through their portfolio. They have done some good work! And hey, there’s that infographic from your competitor. Take a deep breath and walk into your boss’ office. It’s time to talk about professional infographics.
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