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Engaging Modern Sports Fans: A Deep Dive with Kim Ekin of RugbyPass

Engaging Modern Sports Fans: A Deep Dive with Kim Ekin of RugbyPass

Kim Ekin is Global Head of Content & Data at RugbyPass.

In an era where digital is king, sports fans are increasingly demanding quick access to the latest updates, detailed match coverage, and seamless streaming options. And that is exactly what RugbyPass has been doing since its inception in 2016. 

As the head of their content strategy, I am thrilled to guide you through how RugbyPass has become the go-to for rugby fans from across the globe.

Before we Start – The Importance of Content

Before we delve a little deeper into our growth and methodology here at RugbyPass, it’s important to consider the power of content and content marketing. In the current climate, some 72% of marketers consider content creation to be their most effective SEO tactic, in addition to being an effective tool for engaging patrons.

Compared to traditional tactics and strategies, content marketing costs approximately 62% less overall. It also generates around three-times the volume of leads, so it’s an incredibly cost-effective way of reaching consumers and delivering them the content that they desire.

The Genesis and Growth of RugbyPass

Originally based in Singapore, RugbyPass was initially conceived to fill a glaring content gap in the rugby market. Initially planned as a streaming service, the high costs of licensing prompted a strategic pivot towards becoming a news-centric platform. 

We started with a focus on rugby from the Southern Hemisphere, but as our popularity surged, we expanded to include content from the Northern Hemisphere, with dedicated hubs for each major international tournament.

Establishing Authority and Innovative Content Strategies

RugbyPass has earned a reputation for breaking exclusive stories and providing unique insights, thanks in part to contributions from some of the sport’s biggest names. This not only enhances our content but also solidifies our credibility within the rugby community.

Our content strategy is built on a balance of immediate, short-form news and detailed, long-form articles that offer deeper insights. This approach helps us cater to a range of fan preferences, keeping them engaged and informed. Additionally, our podcast, RugbyPass Offload, features interviews and discussions that bring fans closer to the game.

Community Engagement and Adaptability

A core element of our strategy is fostering a vibrant community of rugby fans. We encourage interaction through comments, polls, and forums, which enrich the fan experience and build a sense of belonging. 

Adapting to changes, such as shifts in social media algorithms, has also been crucial. We’ve successfully navigated these challenges by focusing on SEO and direct engagement to maintain and grow our audience base.

Looking Forward

As we look to the future, the evolving landscape of digital media and AI presents both opportunities and challenges. RugbyPass is committed to leveraging the latest technologies to enhance our content delivery while maintaining the integrity and quality that our users expect. 

Our ongoing collaboration with industry experts and our adaptive content strategies ensure that RugbyPass remains at the forefront of digital sports media.

By continuing to innovate and evolve, RugbyPass is dedicated to being the definitive digital destination for rugby fans, combining expert knowledge with cutting-edge technology to foster a knowledgeable and passionate global rugby community.