Follow Friday #3: Louisville Edition

Whole Foods Market
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I’ve decided to go the local route this week and highlight some interesting Louisville people and places to follow on Twitter for this week’s #followfriday.  Here goes:

@wfm_louisville: Just started following Whole Foods Market – Louisville at the suggestion of @ruthsworld.  It’s just such an awesome store and has the best pickles in town – worth following for that alone 🙂

@louisvillesoup: I’ve met Mike before (part of the #10in10 series) and he’s just a really smart guy that understands the value of Twitter.  Which you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a CPA 😉

@JasonFalls: have known Jason for a while now and he certainly isn’t one to disappoint.  He’s made some excellent strides in the past year, and look forward to getting together again soon.

@DavidFinch: also part of the #10in10 series and now working with Jason, David has a great eye for finding content.  He’s a great guy to follow for relavent info in biz/social media.

@ScottHack: maybe I’m biased to my #10in10 experiment crowd, well it’s my blog and I’m doing it, anyway. 🙂  Scott’s a cool guy that really was a good friend during the crazy ice storms here in town.  And he’s doing good work at the nexus of social media and real estate, and important and growing niche in this down economy.

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