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Top 10 Infographics of 2021

Top 10 Infographics of 2021

This year had to come to a close one of these days – we’re calling it and putting out our yearly (12th annual!) top 10 of our favorite infographics of the year.  Enjoy!


#10 What is an NFT?

NFTs are all the rage, but what are they all about?
the basics of NFTs


Featured In: Forbes, Entrepreneur, CreativeBloq


#9 Anatomy of a Local Landing Page

It’s important to master local SEO, especially when you have multiple locations

local landing page factors

(Full version) / Source

Featured In: Social Media Today, Jeff Bullas


#8 The Phone Repair Revolution

Our smartphones aren’t beyond the point of no return, especially when they can be fixed easily and cheaply to their former glory:

phone repair revolution

(Full version) / Source

Featured In: PCMag, Thrive Global


#7 Is Emotional Intelligence the Key to Success?

Let’s spend some time understanding why emotional intelligence or EQ is deeply needed in the workplace. People are more than their IQ:

emotional intelligence


Featured In: Thrive Global, MarketingProfs


#6 Embracing Diversity With AI

It’s time to embrace diversity using AI to stop unconscious bias in hiring decision making:

embracing diversity

(Full version) / Source

Featured in: Thrive Global, HackerNoon


#5 Sustainability and Recommerce

eBay is making great strides toward sustainability through recommerce – the buying and selling of secondhand goods. Ecommerce business startup tips are important as many are trying to make money on eBay:

(Full version) / Source

Featured in: MSN, Benzinga

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#4 – American Breakfast Habits

The pandemic has shifted our routine – instead of racing out the door and skipping breakfast, it’s back on the menu:

American Breakfast Trends

(Full version) / Working in partnership with The Pollack Group and its client Bob Evans Farms

Featured in: Thrive Global , Hacker Noon


#3 – Trusting WFH Workers

Managers need to trust their employees for all to be happy and perform their best work – especially in a remote work environment:

trusting WFH workers

(Full Version) / Source

Featured in: PCMag, B&T


#2 – Changing Company Culture

It’s time to build our companies to a better place from the inside out, and that starts with culture:

changing company culture

(Full version) / Source

Featured in: ATD, MarketingProfs



#1 – How the Pandemic Changed Gig Work

The gig economy has dramatically risen to fill a variety of needs and saving entire industries – learn about how to make a living wage in the gig economy:

gig economy

(Full Version) / Source

Featured in: PCMag, Small Business Trends


See You Next Year!

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