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Top 10 Infographics of 2022

Top 10 Infographics of 2022

Boy that was a year – how time flies. It’s really that time already? Yes, indeed – time for our 13th annual top 10 of our favorite infographics of the year.  Let’s go!


#10 Finding a Perfect Audience

Finding your tribe, as they say, is everything.
perfect audience

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#9 Financial War: Can Russia Be Excluded From the Global Economy

This has been a year of regional and global conflict – and not all of it occurs on the battlefield.

financial war

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#8 The Future of Cyberwar

Speaking of financial war, there has been a great deal of activity when it comes to cybersecurity.

cyber war




#7 How Gen Z Relates to Brands

Gen Z is a formidable force given its size and purchasing power. See what brands they care about:

gen z brands

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#6 The Future of Google Analytics

Like it or not, the next version of Google Analytics are coming and you’ll need to move on. Are you ready?

google analytics 4

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#5 8 Billion People, Visualized

November 2022 marked a major population milestone for humanity. See how we got to 8 billion as a society and what’s in store on the way to 9 billion:

8 billion people visualized


#4 – Pets in the Metaverse

Do you really need more than pets and metaverse in a single sentence? C’mon, folks:

pets metaverse

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#3 – The Future of Work and Events

Given how much the world’s workforce changed to remote work overnight, how can society capitalize on this revolution of making it the norm and where does Web3 come in? You too can improve the efficiency of your remote business.

digital workspace




#2 – Changing Company Culture

The sheer number of daily financial transactions is astonishing – and takes up a lot of computing power. What could moving to the cloud do in terms of carbon emissions?

cloud sustainability

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#1 – Choosing the Right Gift for Your Brand Archetype

One of our favs! Choosing the right gift, whether for customers, clients, or your loved ones should take the patience and care of pairing the right experience to the right preferences. Matching gifts to brand archetypes allow us to make this happen:

choosing the right gift




See You Next Year!

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